Congressman Bob Gibbs Announces Retirement

Washington, DC – On Wednesday, Congressman Bob Gibbs (OH-07) announced his retirement at the end of the 117th Congress and released the following statement:

“I have had the honor of serving the people of Ohio’s 18th, then 7th Congressional District since 2011. In that time, I helped reform federal water resources project policy, made clean water utilities more affordable for low-income communities, lowered taxes and red tape for millions of American families and businesses, and fought for a cleaner, safer Lake Erie. I am proud of this work and am grateful for the opportunity to do it on behalf of Ohioans.

“While America still faces considerable challenges, many of which are self-inflicted crises by President Biden and the radical socialist policies in Congress, I am confident in the future of our nation and the prospects of a Republican majority in the House to stop the worst instincts of the Biden administration and the progressive liberal agenda. These prospects are bright despite the circus redistricting has become in Ohio. These long, drawn-out processes, in which the Ohio Supreme Court can take weeks and months to deliberate while demanding responses and filings from litigants within days, is detrimental to the state and does not serve the people of Ohio.

“It is irresponsible to effectively confirm the congressional map for this election cycle seven days before voting begins, especially in the Seventh Congressional District where almost 90 percent of the electorate is new and nearly two thirds is an area primarily from another district, foreign to any expectations or connection to the current Seventh District.

“This circus has provided me the opportunity to assess my future. To that end, after considerable deliberation, I have decided to not seek re-election this year. This was a difficult decision, one which I did not make lightly. I want to thank family, friends, and supporters for their encouragement this election and the voters’ confidence in me the previous six elections. It has truly been an honor to advocate for Ohioans in Congress. I am eternally grateful for the opportunity. Thank you to my family, especially my wife Jody, for putting up with the long drives, late dinners, and my weeks away from home. I will use this opportunity to spend more time with her, my children, and grandchildren.”