Congressman Bob Gibbs ENDORSED by State Sen. Mark Romanchuk

Lakeville, Ohio – Congressman Bob Gibbs, candidate for Ohio’s Seventh Congressional District, announced the support and endorsement of State Senator Mark Romanchuk, who currently represents Medina County in the State Senate.

In announcing the endorsement, State Senator Romanchuk said:

“I have been fortunate to work with Bob Gibbs on a wide range of issues over the last 10 years, including working together to keep the 179th Air National Guard open. Bob has been a steadfast advocate for Ohioans and a conservative warrior who won’t stop fighting for strong families, safe neighborhoods, and a secure America. Families, small businesses, and law enforcement in Northeast Ohio do not have a stronger supporter in Congress than Bob Gibbs. With Bob’s leadership, the House of Representatives is more competent, conservative, and responsive to the needs of Ohio.”

Congressman Bob Gibbs also released the following statement:

“I want to thank Mark for his endorsement today. I have always said when voters are choosing a candidate, look to the support he or she has at home. I am proud to have worked with Mark, and many conservative leaders, on the issues that keep Ohioans safe and prosperous. Mark understands what impact an out-of-control Washington bureaucracy has on Ohio, and I am proud that we have worked together to stop them from turning Ohio into a place like California or New York.”

Gibbs for Congress previously announced endorsements from local party leaders and elected officials:

  • Darrell Kick – State Representative, Ohio’s 70th House District
  • Rob Hovis – State Central Committee Member and Holmes County GOP Chairman
  • William Hutson – Medina County Commissioner
  • Colleen Swedyk – Medina County Commissioner
  • Steven Hambley – Medina County Commissioner

Bob Gibbs is a native of Bay Village, a small business owner and farmer who resides in Holmes County with his wife Jody, with whom he has three adult children. Bob has been an advocate for the agriculture community for decades as a member and former president of Ohio Farm Bureau. In Congress, Bob has been a defender of private property rights, the Second Amendment, the construction of a border wall, and lower taxes for American families.