Gibbs Announces Re-Election Campaign

Washington DC – Congressman Bob Gibbs, in announcing his campaign to run for re-election in Congress, released the following statement:

“Republicans have a historic opportunity to secure and protect the future of America. With Joe Biden and the socialist squad’s rampant spending, out-of-control inflation, and government mandates, future generations of Americans are at risk of inheriting a country that is less secure, less prosperous, and provides fewer opportunities. It is up to Republicans across the country to stand up and say enough is enough. The Republican wins in Virginia were just the beginning of a massive red wave, one that will sweep away the Left’s socialist policies. 

“The 2022 election will be about one question: who should control your life, you or the government? I firmly believe the American people are capable of making the fundamental decisions governing their lives, and I will fight every day to make sure Washington bureaucrats don’t take that away from them. I am looking forward to the opportunity to serve in the Republican majority again and will fight like hell for Ohio’s families and workers who have been left behind by Joe Biden’s anti-energy, anti-family, anti-opportunity agenda.”

Bob, a small businesses owner and farmer for more than 4 decades, resides in Holmes County with his wife Jody with whom he has three adult children.