Ohioans want to know that Washington is working for us, not the other way around. I understand that government does not create jobs, people do. We need an economic policy that gets DC bureaucrats out of the way of the men and women who start and expand their businesses. We cannot afford to have bureaucratic red tape and senseless regulations prevent our parents, siblings, or friends and neighbors from achieving the American Dream.

If we want to give every person his or her chance at the American Dream, we have to:
1. Get federal spending under control
2. Enact commonsense regulatory reform that does not punish those just starting a business
3. Tackle and reform our tax code to help families and incentivize work for all Americans
4. Promote an energy policy that encourages the responsible development of our natural resources, creating a safe, reliable and affordable energy supply for all Americans


It’s no secret that Washington’s spending is out of control. We cannot continue down the path we are on and DC’s reckless spending must be reined in. I have consistently voted against legislation that increases spending. It is time government learns to live within their means, which is why I support a constitutional amendment requiring Congress to balance the budget every year.


One thing I hear all the time from Ohioans is that government rules and regulations can make life a nightmare for farmers, business owners or entrepreneurs. Burdensome and unnecessary regulations are hidden taxes that make it harder for Americans to realize their full potential. Worse yet, it drives up prices for those struggling to get by. I am on record supporting legislation that requires Congress give an up or down vote on costly new regulations that will negatively impact Americans. If we want to reform Washington, we have to reform the way they regulate.


Washington’s overspending won’t be solved with higher taxes. We cannot tax our way out of deficit spending and should not do it on the backs of Ohio’s families. We need a tax code that gives Americans the opportunity to rise and that encourages economic growth. Our tax system should encourage American companies to stay in the United States and to hire American workers. Having the highest corporate tax rate in the world only incentivizes companies to move their operations and workforce overseas. We need a tax policy that encourages and rewards work, a system that helps people be lifted up out of poverty.


The Second Amendment is not a suggestion; it is a God-given right of the people to self-defense. I have consistently supported legislation that protects and expands an American’s right to keep and bear arms. Gun control regulations will only hurt law-abiding citizens while doing nothing to keep guns out of the hands of criminals. I am proud of my record of supporting the right of sportsmen to carry concealed firearms on government lands and expanding the ability of Americans who follow the law to carry concealed firearms.


Every life is precious, a gift from God. We should do everything we can to protect the lives of the unborn, those who are the most vulnerable and voiceless. I have always supported pro-life efforts and believe groups that perform abortions, like Planned Parenthood, should not get one dime of taxpayer dollars. I have also supported legislation that stops abortions later than 20 weeks, which is when babies are able to begin feeling pain. We must do more to protect those who cannot speak for themselves.


We have been blessed with an abundance of natural resources. The energy renaissance occurring in Ohio and other states has shown that new technologies and private sector innovation is the key to a thriving economy powered by safe, reliable and affordable energy. Obama’s war on coal is having devastating effects on the communities that rely on coal for jobs and for affordable energy.

The take-home pay for everyday Americans is stagnant, so why would anyone want to squeeze their budgets even further? Making it harder and more expensive to mine and utilize coal will hurt Americans that are already hurting the most.

I believe in an energy policy that encourages the responsible development of our naturals resources, creates jobs and powers our economy with safe and affordable energy.


It’s simple: Obamacare must be repealed. Premiums are skyrocketing, deductibles are increasing and coverage networks are shrinking. Government-run healthcare is not the answer.

We need health care reform that empowers Americans to take control of their care, to make sure decisions are made between a doctor and a patient. Bureaucrats in Washington should not be deciding what treatments a patient should be getting.

Health care reform must focus on these principles:
1. Strenghten the doctor-patient relationship
2. Encourage the use of health savings accounts for routine visits and preventive care
3. Implement market-based reforms that encourage private sector competition

There’s no doubt that our health care industry needs reforms, but bigger government will make the problems worse.


Our top priority needs to be the protection and safety of our nation. We are facing threats at home and abroad. ISIS is a real threat to the United States; it is not the JV team Obama says it is. We must do everything we can to protect our nation and prevent a major attack on U.S. soil. Recent attacks in Europe highlight how important it is to thoroughly vet refugees attempting to enter the United States. We should pause our acceptance of Syrian and Iraqi refugees until a system is put in place to make absolutely certain there are no terrorists slipping through the cracks and entering our nation.

Our enemies abroad have taken advantage of Obama’s weaknesses. I opposed the nuclear deal with Iran from day one. It is irresponsible to allow a nation that chants “Death to America” and calls for the destruction of our ally Israel to conduct nuclear research. That is why I have voted against this deal. We need to reverse the Iran nuclear deal before they get their hands on a nuclear weapon.