Bob’s 4 Point Plan

A Promise Made. A Promise Kept.


Fiscal Responsibility

Stop Wasteful Washington Spending

Bob Gibbs understand that if Ohio families have to balance their checkbooks, Washington should too. That’s why Bob has supported the Balanced Budget Amendment and voted to cut $6.2 TRILLION in federal spending, forcing Washington bureaucrats to live within their means.

When it comes to cutting spending, Bob Gibbs leads by example, slashing his own office budget and returning taxpayer dollars every single year.

Create a Pro-Jobs Climate

Enact Common Sense Regulatory Reforms

Agencies like the EPA and the IRS are filled with bureaucrats whose only jobs it seems to be is make life harder for every day Americans.  These bureaucrats act as a hidden fourth branch of government, regulating every aspect of American life.

Bob Gibbs is a leader in the fight against Washington, returning power back to the people and making sure government stays off our backs. He successfully repealed Obamacare’s regulations that forced Americans to buy health insurance. Bob has taken on the EPA, working to stop their reckless Waters of the United States Rule, a naked power-grab that would infringe on your private property rights.

Bob also fought to repeal regulations that would have increased Ohioans’ energy bills.

Fix the Tax Code

Permanently Reform the Tax Code for Families and Job Creators

Bob Gibbs made sure tax cuts went to Main Street, not Wall Street. Small businesses and family-owned stores are getting real tax relief thanks to Bob’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Bob Gibbs lowered taxes on small businesses and made it easier to keep jobs here in Ohio.

Bob helped Ohio families by doubling the standard deduction, making it easier to file their taxes. He doubled the Child Tax Credit to help parents with the costs of raising children, and Bob protected important savings options like 401(k)s and IRAs, tools millions of Americans use to prepare for retirement.

Homegrown Energy

Responsibly Develop our Domestic Natural Resources

A strong economy requires a stable and affordable energy supply. That’s why Bob Gibbs voted to repeal regulations that hampered our energy development here at home. Thanks to the entrepreneurial drive of American capitalism, new technologies have turned our country into a global leader in the energy industry.

Thanks to Bob Gibbs, we no longer have to rely solely on the Middle East for our energy needs. Responsible development of our oil and natural gas resources have given America the fuel we need to power a strong economy.